The Protégé Effect: How Teaching Adults Helps Improve Your Academics

  • student teachers gain a more positive attitude toward the subject and materials that they teach,
  • explaining things out loud to themselves or others results in long-term retention as compared to those who don’t do this, and
  • low-achieving students who teach others can develop an understanding of complex content on par with high-achieving students who learn for their own sakes.
  • better organization of the material when intending to teach it, resulting in stronger understanding and retention.
  • the tutor doesn’t want their students to fail because it would reflect poorly on them as teachers,
  • the tutor want their tutee to improve their skills incrementally, so the tutor tries to advance their own knowledge so that it can be transferred to their protégé, and
  • the tutor feel a sense of responsibility for their tutee’s learning and progress, causing them to emotionally identify with their protégé and their accomplishments.



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