The Positive Benefits of Reverse Mentorship in Youths and Adults

  • it closes generational gaps by providing direct one-on-one exposure to those younger and older than oneself, as well as their various skills and knowledge,
  • it’s mutually beneficial because the program provides a two-way flow of learning, also characterized as a boomerang or protégé effect, wherein a form of social exchange of expertise takes place,
  • it empowers both the emerging and established leaders, leaving them feeling more confident in their skills and boosting their self-esteem,
  • it builds relationships between otherwise separated generations,
  • it encourages relational learning, or a greater understanding of one’s role in relation to another’s, and
  • it promotes diversity by encouraging one to understand or inquire about minority issues, including those of LGBTQ+ people and ethnic minorities.



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Youth Empowering Parents

Youth Empowering Parents

One of only a handful to receive the United Nations’ Innovation Award, we’re turning young people from ‘educated’ to ‘educators’.