Building Social and Emotional Learning through Reverse-Mentoring

  1. Academic Achievement: Students who enroll in SEL programs demonstrate greater reading, writing, and math skills at some grade levels, ultimately resulting in better standardized test scores and overall grades. One study even finds that students have shown improved test scores by 11 to 17 percentile points after engaging in SEL practices. Reasons for increased academic achievement may result from the interpersonal, instructional, and environmental support they receive in such programs.
  2. Behaviour: SEL programs help students build positive social behaviour and improve their attitudes toward themselves, classmates, teachers and school overall. A study found that enrollment in SEL programs can lead to lower school dropout rates and decreased levels of teacher-child conflict, which can ultimately reduce the chances of developing high-risk habits such as substance abuse, violence and criminality.
  3. Well-being and Relationships: SEL programs conducted among young children can lead to greater social-emotional competence and skills, improved mental health, and lower levels of distress. In fact, CASEL finds that, upon completing an SEL program, students on average experience a 24 per cent improvement in social behaviors, as compared to students in traditional school services. SEL programs are also associated with stronger relationships in school and the home/family.
  4. Broad Outreach: SEL programs have proven beneficial when conducted both in school and during after-school (extracurricular) activities. They are also helpful for a diverse range of students, including those with and without behavioural problems.
  5. Has long-lasting effects: The longer and more intense the SEL program is, the greater the effects going forward, especially when conducted during the preschool and kindergarten years. The skills children learn here are valued in the workplace and economy, and can be the key to success in the labour market. In this, SEL is a strong determinant of academic, employment, and earning capabilities.



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